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Sukkah Parts

Poles for Sukkah Frame
Poles Attachment Pieces
Tarps for Sukkah Walls
Bungee Cords For Walls
10 x 10 Sukkah
  • 12 Poles (8 x 10ft | 4 x 8ft)
  • 8 Corner Attachment Pieces
  • 3 or 4 Tarps (8×10 size)
  • 1 pack of Bungee cords
  •  Schach (Palm Branches or Bamboo)
10 x 20 Sukkah
  • 19 Poles (13 x 10ft | 6 x 8ft)
  • 8 Corner Attachment Pieces (Item #: FF3AW)
  • 2 Mid-Top Attachment Pieces (Item #: FF4AW)
  • 2 Mid-Bot Attachment Pieces (Item #: FF4AW)
  • 5 Tarps (8×10 size)
  • 2 packs of Bungee cords
  •  Schach (Palm Branches or Bamboo)
20 x 20 Sukkah

Customize for your specific Sukkah needs

Note A: We recommend cutting the Sukkah Poles (4 of the Poles) used for the height to 8 feet tall. Home depot can do that in store for you free of charge.

Note B: Sukkahs larger than the 10 x 10 will require different pole attachments. Shop around here for the specific ones you need –

Note C: It’s nice to only put up 3 walls and just leave the 4th wall open

Note D: Many experience the walls swaying a lot, thus many recommend putting string or wire every x inches up around the walls till you reach 10 tefachim. Discuss with your local Rabbi for specifics.


Assembly Instructions

10 x 20 Sukkah


Assemble The Frame

Insert the poles into the attachment pieces and twist the screw to tighten. Start with the floor frame, then insert the 8 foot poles and then complete it by inserting the poles on top.


Attach the Tarps

Use the bungee cords to attach the tarps. You can even wrap the tarp under the bottom poles and attach on the back side of the wall (and connect to the top).


Put on The Schach

You can use palm branches, bamboo pieces or mats. But make sure to put some wood beam across the top and lay the schach on top of that.

You can buy cheap bamboo mats from Home Depot   – Click Here

Although they are Kosher, due to the metal wire they are not l’chatchila. (Also see the CRC document in how to use them properly)

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